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Care Speech Pathology works with people all across the lifespan. We proudly support adults with their everyday communication needs and offer a wide range of adult-focused therapy services and supports.

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Comprehensive Service

We assist adults to improve their language skills, speech clarity, comprehension, accent, social skills, fluency and functional communication skills. We also assist adults to improve their communication confidence and independence for every day tasks. Some of the adults we support include:

Adults with life-long communication needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability or Cerebral Palsy
Adults who have developed difficulties with communication following a diagnosis such as stroke, brain injury, cancer, Parkinson’s disease or dementia
Adults wishing to optimise their communication through improved speech clarity, decreased stuttering or accent modification


Care Speech Pathology is here to help you achieve your goals in life. We are all about making therapy count where it matters the most. Whether you’re looking to improve your communication in order to build or improve friendships, get ahead in the workplace or participate fully in community life, we design a therapy solution that is purpose built to your needs. With regular check-ins and follow-up appointments, we are with you every step of the way working closely with you to achieve your goals.

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It’s not only clients who we support. Care Speech Pathology works with families, friends, colleagues, health professionals and carers to optimise an individual’s communication skills and enhance their relationships with those around them. We put relationships at the centre of everything we do. This means we understand the importance of having a trusting relationship with your therapist, and continually building better relationships with the people around you. At Care Speech Pathology, we firmly believe in the power of connection through communication.

Adult speech therapy


We offer therapy programs based on the best available evidence to help adults all over Australia reach their communication goals. We offer:

Camperdown Program for clients who wish to reduce stuttering;
Orofacial myology therapy for clients with speech and/or oral difficulties;
PEERS® for young adults looking to improve their relationships;
Intensive Interaction for adults with severe disability;
And many more.


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