Speech Pathology for Teenagers

Speech Pathology for Teenagers

Care Speech Pathology offers client centered therapy for teenagers who require support with communication. We understand that communication skills are an essential part of every day life as a teenager and play a major role in confidence, social participation and even finding future employment.

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Adult speech therapy

We provide high quality care, family support and treatment plans that are individualised to your teenager’s needs so that they can reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

We support teenagers to:

Improve speech clarity

Extend spoken language

Enhance comprehension

Improve social interaction skills

Interpret and navigate social situations

Refine reading and writing

Manage a stutter

Change or reduce an accent

…and much, much more!

Using a client centered approach, we firmly believe in working not only with your teenager but also with the significant people in their life – such as yourself, teachers and family members – to ensure that your teenager’s communication is receiving support in all environments. With everybody on board, your teenager can begin to notice real improvement in their communication and feel their confidence soar!

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Why choose Care Speech Pathology for your Teenager?


We are a supportive team who will encourage your teenager along their communication journey, every step of the way. We foster a collaborative approach and ensure that the family is involved in your teenager’s care.

Ability focused

We focus on what your teenager can do and use these strong points to work on areas of further support. We create personalised treatment plans to help your teenager reach their goals and develop the skills they need to become confident and independent young adults.


We deliver exceptional client care, just at your fingertips. We support your teenager in the home environment through online video, which can make your teenager feel at ease in a familiar setting, and even increase participation.


We are trained in Sounds-Write, an evidence-based and highly effective therapy approach for improving reading and writing, PEERS, a teenage social skills program focused on navigating friendships and relationships, and the Camperdown Program, a gold-standard highly-researched therapy approach for managing and reducing adolescent stuttering. We regularly participate in continuing education to ensure that we are up to date with the latest cutting-edge research, best practice approaches and clinically proven intervention methods so that we can continue to provide the very best support and care for our teenage clients.

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