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Initial Consultation


The Initial Consultation is your first Zoom meeting with the Speech Pathologist and an excellent opportunity to discuss your concerns and reasons for accessing therapy. Please allow up to 60 minutes direct consultation time with the Speech Pathologist at this appointment. The Speech Pathologist will start by gathering important background information from you before commencing the assessment process. Please note that it is rare to complete a full assessment in one appointment, and subsequent consultations are usually required to complete the assessment process in full.

Please note that, in accordance with Speech Pathology Australia requirements, a written report is almost always recommended for new clients. Our report options and fees are set out in more detail below.

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Summary of Findings Report 

A Summary of Findings Report is a shorter document that provides a brief overview of assessment results. It records the presence or absence of difficulties, an outline of key findings, and general recommendations for future therapy.

Comprehensive Assessment Report

A Comprehensive Assessment Report is a detailed document that provides specific scores and results from the assessment process, a thorough description of all areas of concern, an interpretation of findings (such as where a child is sitting for their age, and any relevant diagnoses, if applicable) and a detailed summary of recommendations for future therapy. Please note that, if assessment has been conducted across a range of areas and/or the client is likely to receive input from other health professionals regarding their development, a Comprehensive Assessment Report is strongly recommended.

If you are unsure what type of report is right for you, we recommend discussing this directly with your Speech Pathologist. They will explain the options in more detail (including the cost of each report type) and make a specific recommendation based on your personal circumstances.

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Therapy Sessions

Standard - $193.99

Standard Consultations are regular meetings with your Speech Pathologist that take place weekly or fortnightly following the Initial Consultation. The purpose of these sessions is to provide active therapy and intervention to target the areas of concern identified during the assessment process. The number of Standard Consultations required differs from client to client and largely depends on the individual’s rate of progress. The Speech Pathologist will work with you to plan the frequency of these sessions before getting started.

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Financial Assistance


You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate of around $56 per session for up to 5 sessions using a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) or Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan issued by a General Practitioner (GP). Please note that there are a number of specific requirements to meet and your eligibility remains at the sole discretion of the GP, who can provide you with more information.

Private Health

You may be eligible for a private health rebate for Speech Pathology depending on your policy and your insurer. We encourage you to contact your provider to find out more about your family’s entitlements before getting started with regular consultations. Care Speech Pathology helps you to fast-track the claiming process by issuing an instant receipt for same-day private health submissions.


If Care Speech Pathology believes you or your child meets eligibility criteria for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we may discuss this with you and assist you in lodging an application. Participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme are able to access Speech Pathology services at no out-of-pocket expense. Read more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme here.

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