National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses.

If you or your child are eligible for NDIS funding, you may be able to access Speech Pathology services with no out-of-pocket expenses. 

We have worked with hundreds of NDIS participants so, safe to say, we know the drill. We can help you get started with the NDIS today by conducting an assessment and writing a report with our findings.

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How do I get started?

Once you have received your NDIS plan and established how you will make payment (e.g. self-managed or plan-managed), you are ready to start accessing our services.

After you have booked your Initial Consultation, just complete our online Service Agreement and send us a copy of your NDIS Plan and you’re ready to go. We’ll send you a Zoom link to use to connect with your therapist online.

How do I pay?

For self-managed participants:

After your appointment, you will receive an email link to pay for your session online. Payment is due on the same day as the appointment.

For plan-managed participants:

There is nothing you need to do. Invoices are issued directly to the plan manager, who keeps track of your NDIS funds and pays invoices on your behalf.

How long are the sessions?

Standard appointments are 60 minutes in total. This typically includes 45-50 minutes with the Speech Pathologist, and 10-15 minutes dedicated to indirect services (including maintaining clinical progress notes).

Indirect services are an essential component of delivering high quality tailored care, and include activities like documenting progress, corresponding with stakeholders, developing personalised communication aids and much more.

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What's included?

Everything you need to reach your speech, language and communication goals!

Therapy starts with the Initial Consultation. This is a relaxed informal conversation where you can meet your therapist and discuss your goals with them. From there, your therapist will make recommendations and develop a therapy plan for ongoing appointments. Depending on your preferences and available funding, these are usually weekly or fortnightly.

The Speech Pathologist may also create homework packs, communication aids or tailored resources to assist you and continue your development at home.

When you need it, your Speech Pathologist will also prepare a report for you outlining their observations, findings and recommendations for further therapy. This is an important document especially when it comes to your NDIS plan reassessment meeting.

How much Speech Pathology can I afford?

It varies! This depends on the amount of funds in your Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living category. But keep in mind that, depending on your goals, you may want to spend some of these funds on other services too, such as Psychology and Occupational Therapy. If you require, we can liaise directly and collaborate with these other service providers to ensure we deliver holistic, coordinated supports.

Once you know the total amount you would like to dedicate to Speech Pathology, we can work together to plan your budget. This might mean fortnightly sessions, weekly sessions or sometimes even multiple sessions per week!

What happens at the end of the NDIS plan?

The NDIA will schedule a Plan Reassessment meeting with you as your NDIS plan draws to an end. 

We can help you to get ready for this meeting by providing with a Speech Pathology NDIS Reassessment Report. This is an important document that talks all about the goals you have been working on in your Speech Pathology sessions and the progress you have made. It also talks about the Speech Pathologist's recommendations for your next NDIS plan.

When one NDIS plan finishes, your next plan will start straight away. So don't worry - you can continue your therapy sessions without interruption!



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