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Hi, I’m Martha. Nice to meet you!

I am an enthusiastic, warm, and compassionate certified practicing Speech Pathologist, committed to supporting people right around Australia to unlock their communication potential. I forge strong relationships with my clients and I value collaboration and a client-centred approach to achieve meaningful outcomes.

I completed a Master of Speech Pathology, with a strong academic foundation. It was through my studies and research that I came to understand my pivotal role as a Speech Pathologist in advancing a child’s speech and language development during their ‘critical period’ of brain development (0-5 years old). Realising the profound influence I could have on their future learning and communication trajectory ignited in me a strong passion for empowering families through early language and literacy intervention. During my years of practice, it has been immensely rewarding seeing the positive changes I make in a little person's life every day.

I also have a keen interest in working in the areas of fluency, literacy, speech and language disorders. I have formal training in the Speak and Spell program for literacy and am eager to further my professional development in other practice areas in the near future.

It is without question that everybody deserves to have access to high quality Speech Pathology services. I deeply care about how I can help, and I am really looking forward to meeting you and your family.

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