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Or as we like to call it, Speech Pathology via Video. We’re here to tell you about online therapy, how it works, and most importantly, why it is the right choice for you or your little one.

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Assessment and Therapy from your home

The same assessment and therapy…

But from the comfort of your own home.

Speech Pathology via Video is therapy that works for you, on your terms. It is interactive, flexible and effective. Thousands of Australians are making the switch to online therapy.

Our team of experienced and passionate Speech Pathologists work with kids, teens, adults and families all over the country. We provide high quality Speech Pathology services that help to nurture your potential, wherever you are.

And yes… it works!

We have delivered Speech Pathology via Video to hundreds of clients of all ages and we have experienced amazing success helping them to reach their goals.

Our fully qualified and registered Speech Pathologists use the same diagnostic assessment tools and resources that you would see in an in-person clinic. Some of our intervention programs have even been specially developed for online delivery.

As with any type of therapy, the Speech Pathology via Video journey starts with a great relationship. Our therapists take the time to get to know you, understand your needs, and tailor the approach to suit you.

We are experienced, confident and passionate about what we do… and we know it works.

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Peoples love online therapy

But we’re not the only ones who love online therapy.

More and more research studies are showing that online speech pathology is just as effective as speech pathology in a clinic. The evidence is growing all the time and showing equally positive outcomes to in-person therapy for speech, language and communication goals.

Speech Pathology via Video can even be more effective than in-person therapy in some cases. This is largely because online therapy is typically more convenient and therefore more consistent. As we all know, consistency equals results!

We could talk all day about the reasons we love Speech Pathology via Video… but here are our top 3.

Online therapy is:

  • Simple. Getting started with therapy doesn’t need to be complicated. We make the process easy, so you can focus your attention on more important things.
  • Accessible. All you need for therapy is a device. No travel, no traffic and no waiting rooms. We come to you at the press of a button!
  • Comfortable. You don’t have to fit into our environment – we fit into yours! We can’t wait to meet you and hear all about how we can help.

“Personalised treatment from a highly experienced and passionate Speech Pathologist… wherever you are”

– Tabitha Duke, Founder

More questions?

Our team have answered them

What if my child is really young?

We love our early intervention clients! Helping little ones find their first words and building their confidence to get them school-ready are among some of our proudest achievements. And we know from our experience that very young children are one of the population groups most suited to Speech Pathology via video. At this age, therapy centres around parent coaching. At Care Speech Pathology, we are formally trained in the Hanen - It Takes Two to Talk® and Hanen – More Than Words® programs, which utilise home videos and parent feedback to carefully monitor and scaffold your child’s development. And this program has been specially adapted for online delivery via telehealth.

Other reasons why Speech Pathology via Video could be the right fit for your child include:

  • Feeling more settled, calm and ready to focus in their own familiar home environment, compared to the distractions they might find in a busy clinic or school.
  • Family involvement! Parents, siblings, or other people can easily attend and participate by sitting with the child or joining from their own device.
  • Creative virtual backgrounds, online platforms and tools create a fun, interactive and engaging experience.
  • Advanced functions such as audio or video recording/playback can enhance a child’s learning.

What can I expect from my appointment?

After choosing a date and time for your first session, you will receive a Zoom link by email. When the time comes, simply click the link to join your session using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Appointments occur in real-time, so you can see, hear and talk to your Speech Pathologist just like you would in a clinic (that’s why we still call it face-to-face!). Your Speech Pathologist may use physical props and digital programs to make your session more interactive and engaging (and fun!). Sessions can cover everything the client needs – from assessments and report-writing, to ongoing intervention and parent coaching.

How is it different to in-person therapy?

There is actually very little difference. The therapy is still delivered ‘face-to-face’ between you and the Speech Pathologist… it is just from a distance! The actual exercises and activities you will do are almost exactly the same as an in-person session. Our Speech Pathology via Video service includes:

  • Fully qualified and experienced Certified Practising Speech Pathologists (CPSP) registered with Speech Pathology Australia
  • Personalised, targeted intervention to suit the individual needs of every client
  • Gold standard evidence-based intervention programs such as Lidcombe, Camperdown, Hanen, PEERs, SoundsWrite, and many more
  • Highest standards of clinical planning, implementation and evaluation to ensure a first-class client experience

How do I prepare for my first session?

Just make yourself comfortable with your device and internet access ready to go. Ideally, you will be in a quiet, well-lit and private area where you will not be interrupted (or easily distracted!). For children, if parents or carers would usually be present for their in-person appointments, we recommend you be there virtually as well! You can read more in our article about preparing for your first session.

What equipment do I need?

Internet access and a device, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone, are all you need to get started – that’s it! If you have a headset and microphone too, that’s great for getting better audio quality, but it’s not mandatory. We use secure, confidential and reliable video conferencing software to ensure an easy, seamless experience for clients.

Why don’t you provide in-person therapy?

Some of our team members have worked in clinics and schools in the past and have had a lot of experience providing traditional in-person therapy. While they loved that too, they decided the personal touch of Speech Pathology via Video was what they were most passionate about, and how they could provide the best service to families. We have seen the amazing results of online therapy first-hand and we know exactly how effective it can be.

What about clients who cannot use a phone or computer?

As long as there’s someone to help them set up and use the equipment, they can access Speech Pathology via Video too. Ideally, the client should be sitting comfortably and able to clearly see and hear their therapist on the screen (somewhere where the therapist can see and hear them too). For these clients, therapy will often involve working closely with the communication partner (e.g., a parent, friend or carer) to help deliver the intervention. In other words, it’s okay if this person can’t have a conversation with the Speech Pathologist themselves – as long as there is someone there to help them!

Is Speech Pathology via Video covered by the NDIS?

Speech Pathology via Video services are 100% funded by the NDIS. If you have funding for Capacity Building (Improved Daily Living), you can access speech therapy at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Does therapy have to be done from home?

Not at all – you can attend from anywhere! We often see children at daycare or school with the help of an educator or teacher. We also provide consultations to clients at their work, day program, hospital, living facility, relative’s house, backyard… you name it! Anywhere they can feel comfortable, settled and distraction-free for the duration of the appointment.

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Step 1

Call us or fill in the online form

Get in touch! Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help you or your child reach your goals.

Step 2

Choose your first session

Our Care Speech Therapy team will work to find an appointment that suits you.

Online speech pathology by CSP

Step 3

You’re on your way to confident communication!

Click on the Zoom link when it’s time. It’s secure, confidential, and you’ll be instantly connected with your speech therapist!

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